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Arsenal Strength Equipment: Back

The Bent Over Row Bench isolates your upper back  dumbbells back rows Arsenal Strength

Bent Over Row Bench

The Bent Over Row Bench is an exceptional back piece.  The Bent Over  Row Bench comes with a special 5ft bar with 8″ high handles.  The Bent  Over Row Bench may be utilized with the bar or with dumbbells. This  piece also features an adjustable foot rest.  The Bent Over Row Bench  isolates your upper back without constricting your diaphragm.

Bent Over Row Bench in Use


Lever Row

The Lever Row features adjustable footplate for various heights. The  chest pad is designed narrow to enable better airflow without  constricting your breathing. The lever row handle features swivel grips  for various grip angles with the ability to adjust the width of the grip  to better target specific muscles.


-Swivel grips for various grip angles
-Adjustable footplate for various heights
-Ability to target various angles with adjustable width

-Chest pad is narrowed as to not constrict your breathing

Lever Row in Use


ISO Lat Pulldown

The ISO Lat Pulldown is a plate loaded piece. This piece challenges  users in two planes of motion.  It features counterbalanced arm for  smooth transitions.  Also, the lifter has to control the lateral  convergence and the vertical press movement. Handles offer a 360 degree  pivot and side to side for various grip options.


-Challenges user in two planes of motion
-Counterbalanced arms
-Lifter has to control the lateral convergence and vertical press movement

-Handles pivot 360 degrees and side to side
-Adjustable seat

ISO Lat Pulldown in use