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About The Farm


The BodyFarm is a one of a kind fitness facility that was created with the intent of mixing old school and new school fitness . Before the Farm  you would need several individual gym memberships to experience these different types of training. This can become quite expensive, not to mention time consuming, driving from place to place.

We all know the old wives tell that Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and CrossFitters don’t get along..... The BodyFarm is bringing everyone together but don’t worry because there are dedicated areas for your preferred regimen . Hate the sound of weights crashing? NO problem because those Strongmen will be all caroled up in The Slaughter House where they can be as loud as they want .

 Ladies, wanna drop it like its hot on the squat rack or build that booty all without the worry of wondering eyes ? Then do it in the privacy of The SheShed.  

Wanna take your training outside? Then visit The BarnYard where we have added some unique variations to things like the farmers walk , the sled , the yolk and …… well you’ll just have to wait and see. 

We are so excited to bring the fitness community together all in one place that we’ve added some extra perks. Protein Shakes before or after a workout is always good, which we have. Now lets kick it up a notch . After a day on the farm what’s better than an ice cold beer with your buddies?  The WateringHole is your go to spot for shakes, farm fresh meals and yes, even a cold one. 

No babysitter, No problem. Bring those little rascals with you and drop them off at our Kiddie Carrol. Enjoy your workout while they enjoy our play area. The BodyFarm is your all in one fitness nirvana. 



Time flies in the Cardio-Coop. Overlooking the entire gym or the outside Barnyard is a wide range of cardio equipment.


With over 20,000 sq ft. of free weights, machines, custom built pieces, etc, the BodyFarm offers plenty of space for the whole herd.

+ Fit

Our inside + Fit area is pretty amazing but if you really want to kick those tail feathers then checkout The BarnYard located outside.

Farm life


The She-Shed

A dedicated room  for the Chicks.

Bashful or not sometimes you just desire more of a private workout experience.


The BarnYard

The BarnYard is a tractor pulling, wagon lifting, farmer walking, stone carrying, sand running, tree climbing, tire flipping,.....well you get the picture.


The Slaughter House

Powerlifters/Strongmen (women) this one's for you.
This place is No Bull****!

In the farm


Member Lounge

Sit by the fire & watch the game or catch up on the Real Housewives. Relax in the lounge area before or after a workout.


Watering Hole

Get a Protein Shake, Healthy Meal or a Cold Beer. All of the above please.


Kid Corral

Drop off the kids & enjoy your workout while they have fun in their play area.


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